Finally, clear, simple, step by step instructions into W.D Gann’s most impressive Planetary trading tools…

History has shown that W.D.Gann created some very unique tools and techniques, yet none has captured so much attention or debate as his work using planets as indicators and signals to buy and sell into markets.

W.D. Gann was not only a Mason but the head of a Masonic Chapter or Lodge, and as such he was bound to keep the secrets and knowledge of the Masons.

Whilst he maintained his oath of secrecy, he did leave behind some cryptic clues which pointed others in the right direction so that by their own research they could uncover the signals which can create major market reversals.

In almost 20 years of trading I have researched these signals. Now finally completing my studies on these incredible tools and signals I am excited to share this knowledge with you.

It is now my opinion, after all my research, that the Planets definitely influence market reversals, a fact I will prove beyond any doubt.

In my early research I have read literally hundreds of pages of material devoted to making Astrology work, but in almost every case they fall into the one major mistake that Gann warned against. Astrology, in itself, is not the answer to successful market analysis. Lets review his clue from an interview he did in 1919:

“That is why astrology fails, for nothing can be accurate that is not based on mathematics – and so few astrologers are mathematicians.” – WD GANN  1919 

So here we have a very typical cryptic clue that Astrology doesn’t work, but the numbers behind it are the key. Now these instructional videos will prove the mathematics which are simple to learn yet extremely powerful. It is important to stress that we are not learning Astrology per se, we are focusing on learning  A Practical Trading guide to Gann Planetary signals.

Remember, I am not trying to uncover the Secret of the Universe, I want to understand and use Gann Astrology tools and techniques to make better trades and know when and why markets change direction.

You can watch this quick video example of just one of the concepts explained in the material: (If you put your mouse cursor on the video window and select the Enlarge icon [ square object] in the bottom right hand corner you will see a full size video, then hit Esc on your keyboard when the video finishes to return to normal size.)

In this practical trading guide, we will learn simply and easily, step by step:

Part 1 begins the journey:
  • Chapter 1 The Planets
  • Chapter 2 The Zodiac
  • Chapter 3 Planetary Aspects
  • Chapter 4 Retrograde illusion
  • Chapter 5 Helion Transits
  • Chapter 6 Seasonal dates
  • Chapter 7 The Ephemeris
  • Chapter 8 Price by Degrees
  • Chapter 9 Planets to Price
  • Chapter 10 Price by Degrees continued
  • Chapter 11 Market Analyst 8
  • Chapter 12 Eclipses
  • Chapter 13 Geocentric vs Heliocentric
  • Chapter 14 Seasonal Dates continued

Part 1 video runs for 2 hours 15 mins and spends most of this time looking at charts examining and displaying the tools in the chapters.

Part 2 continues with more in-depth analysis:
  • Chapter 15 Advanced Planetary Lines
  • Chapter 16 More Advanced Planetary Lines
  • Chapter 17 Helion Transits
  • Chapter 18 Gann’s September Wheat Trade
  • Chapter 19 The Moon
  • Chapter 20 Planetary Angles
  • Chapter 21 Planetary Aspects
  • Chapter 22 Price by Circle
  • Chapter 23 Time by Planetary Degrees
  • Chapter 24 The Other Tunnel Thru the Air cover
  • Chapter 25 The Final Word
  • Bonus Chapter for a limited time only coming soon: Gann’s Wheel of 24 ( see details below) 

A Practical Trading guide to Gann Planetary signals is just that, simple easy step by step instructions on video so that you can learn at your own pace. These are the instructions that Gann could not give you, decoded from his cryptic clues and explained in simple basic format on charts in our modern, volatile markets.

Why does Gold react to Jupiter Mars signals? Why does the Dow Jones Index and Mercury dance in perfection? What are the incredible signals that Saturn and Mercury give years in advance to highlight major market reversal dates? Why does Hang Seng  ( Hong Kong stocks) react to Neptune so accurately and reliably? Why did the GBPUSD forex market make a major high July 2014 and how could we have known this would happen over 20 years ago?? Only A Practical Trading guide to Gann Planetary signals can answer these for you in plain simple understandable terms so that you are  ready for future volatility.

The instructions show you how to calculate these signals manually but we thoroughly recommend Market Analyst 8 which has these tools already created and functioning perfectly. Saves time, saves money and prevents human error…

If you know nothing about Planetary signals, Financial Astrology, etc, then this is exactly what you will need to know. I searched for decades for an explanation to Gann’s work with planets that would help me become a better trader.  Everything I found was confusing, too hard to follow and in many cases didn’t help trading at all as Astrologers are not necessarily adept traders.

The Material:

A Practical Trading guide to Gann signals comes in a video format which you can stream to your own computer, PC, Mac, iPad, Tablet, iPhone, Smartphone…any machine will play these MP4 files.  Never waste valuable time again, just watch any section over and over when you have a free moment to research the concepts. See the tools being used on current local charts, detailed but simple explanations so you know exactly how to use these them when you wish to trade.

The Support we offer for FREE:

Of course, you may need some help from time to time so in line with all of our trading material we will happily give you FREE lifetime support, for as long as you need it until you can comfortably analyse any market by yourself. There is no charge for this help ever, you only buy the material and the lifetime support is included within the price.

FREE lifetime access via email any question which we will try to answer within 24 hours or by the next working day.

You will also have FREE Weekly reports and Updates  in the Members Library where every week we post a new example of the Astrolabe concept. This keeps you up to date and provides you with recent examples on different markets. One week a stock, next week a Forex market, then a commodity…all markets react to these signals and the library is open when you wish to visit. You will quickly receive a special password and login to see the latest reports.

The Purchase Price:

Part 1:

We have split the material into 2 sections, the first section is the basics of the concepts and a simple way to dramatically improve your market analysis. Every trader, no matter how experienced or proficient, should know these concepts as I believe you cannot reach your greatest potential until you know these tools. If you want a very early warning system of a market reaching a major high or low, these tools will certainly help you.

Part 1 is $995 and is available by clicking this Buy Now button below:

Part 2:

Continues on the basics of Part 1 and includes more advanced signals for those who are very serious about trading, this suits everyone including the self-employed full-time trader or the Fund manager who wants closer entries and exits to major turns. Part 2 also includes the Gann forecasting which he wrote within several books and courses but we align this with the Planetary tools and create a method of preparing well in advance for potentially severe tops and lows. The demonstrations in this video are truly outstanding and will leave you in no doubt about the potential of this knowledge and information.

(Part 2 cannot be purchased without owning Part 1)

Part 2 is $1995 and is available by clicking this Buy Now button below:

Special bonuses for purchasers who buy both Part 1 and Part 2 together:

Bonus No. 1

5 Pages of Gann Cycles rules written in his own words…

In this document Gann gives rules, strategies and incredible facts based on 50 years of market research…including the Fatal number, rules for Monthly, Weekly and Daily charts and how to make Annual forecasts….
But don’t take my word for it…check out this example on a Top 20 stock…

Click here – CBA reacts to Gann Planetary Tools and Cycle rules

Simple, easy step by step instructions will teach you to spot trades like this CBA chart time and time again. It’s not hard to learn, it just takes dedication and a desire to be a great market trader.

Bonus No 2:

Gann’s Wheel of 24

Hidden inside the Gann commodities course this little know tool is very easy to use, and with step by step simple instructions it becomes incredibly powerful in any market. Gann was monitoring the planets movement and the price, using ancient knowledge of numbers and astrology he used the Wheel of 24 as an integral part of his trading arsenal. This is a must have set of instructions for anyone studying Gann or financial astrology. We prove the effectiveness of this tool with recent, real time examples. It is probably the easiest tool to use in astrological trading with an incredible price secret that will have you absolutely stunned. You will soon see how Gann became a master forecaster and trader with this simple timing tool…

To buy both Part 1 and Part 2 and receive Bonus 1:  5 Pages of Gann Cycles and Forecasting rules and Bonus 2: Gann Wheel of 24 click the Buy Now button below:

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