Gann swing chart

W.D.Gann was one of the greatest innovators in trading.

He discovered many new and exciting techniques, but among these, one chart was always present:

The Gann Swing Chart. It was so impressive we called our training material The King of Charts.

When researched carefully it can remove some of the most basic errors that many amateur traders make. Gann often repeated KNOWLEDGE is the key to success in any venture, but it is essential for success in market trading.

What separates the great traders from the rest?

The difference between the mega successful trader and the hopeful aspirant can be reduced to one factor:


The smart traders have been around for a long time, honing their craft and learning what works and what doesn’t work. They know the tools that create opportunities and they practice diligence, patience, money management and strict market analysis. They do not deviate from their plan and they use their KNOWLEDGE to separate the trading traps from the real opportunities.
The more you know, the more you understand, the better and more profitable your trading becomes. It is literally that simple. That’s why some traders make fortunes whilst others wish they could.
There are some simple rules for successful trading, but none more important than this:

Always trade with the trend and don’t trade if you don’t know which way the market is going.

The Gann swing chart is ideal for this purpose as it clearly and automatically shows the trend or direction of the market. Not only that, but it also has unique patterns that give the educated trader a real and distinct advantage in trading. Just some of the benefits of a swing chart in trading are:

  • Determining the Trend
  • Finding Support and Resistance points
  • Patterns
  • Entries
  • Exits
  • Stops to limit losses or lock in profits
  • Warning of potential threat to your current position
  • Pyramiding or adding to a current winning position

What is most surprising about the  Gann swing chart is its elementary formula for construction. A similar design to the well-known line chart but with subtle differences. It has a place in every serious traders toolkit. We explain how to draw and interpret the swing chart step by step  so everyone can learn and understand it. Then we progress to learn patterns, entry points and stop-loss placements all displayed automatically on the Gann swing chart.

You will soon see why Gann used this simple yet extremely powerful chart for making profits.

My King of Charts material also has some of my own unique patterns and criteria which I have developed after nearly 30 years of trading.

My weekly video updates and reports are yours to get access to free for life.

Of course, you have direct email contact for as long as you wish, to ask questions or receive further explanation or help.

The King of Charts comes in a video format. This means you can watch and replay each section and know exactly how to use the swing chart to your advantage. Once you have purchased the material we will automatically enrol you into the Membership group where you will be able to see past reports. You will then receive weekly updates to help you master this fabulous Gann tool. And should you have any questions you are most welcome to send an email us and a response is sent to you as quickly as possible.

The price for the Gann Swing chart material is $495 AUD and includes access to the Free weekly reports and Free direct email contact for as long as you wish, no expiry or renewal fees ever.

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