W.D.Gann discovered the Square of 9…

As a trader and analyst, W.D.Gann created several ground breaking tools and techniques. He was the first to recognise that Timing factors were more important than Price movement. He went on over more than 50 years to not only prove this by making uncannily accurate predictions on market movements.

In front of an auditor, he set a remarkable record in 25 trading days of 286 trades, of which 264 were profitable, a success rate of  92%.

A major part of his trading arsenal was the hexagon chart, a tool we have come to know as the Square of 9.

Square of 9 design

Surprisingly, Gann did not invent the Square of 9. He found it inscribed into a temple in India and inside the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

The original Square of 9 in the temple and pyramid proves beyond any doubt that the ancient civilisations were much more advanced than we have given them credit for. In particular their understanding of mathematics and astrology was very advanced.

Today we have modern software which we can use to instantly find any answer, but to use these tools effectively we must understand the underlying principles of the tool and then analyse the results on our charts. I have given examples proving the Square of 9 creating remarkable signals in our Forex markets, incredible because Gann died in 1955 and the Forex trading didn’t start until the 1970’s, some 20 years after Gann’s death. Surely this proves this tool is valid…

As a full-time trader I have used this tool extensively over many markets like Stocks, Currencies, Futures, Commodities…In this video presentation I cover the tool in step by step instructions, explained simply and easily for anyone to understand. You can repeat the video as often as you wish to make sure you understand the concept. Then, should you still wish to clarify any issue I will answer any query as soon as possible, mostly by the next working day.

I will also post a weekly report with a new example of the Square of 9 in market trading. This is an exclusive report available only to owners of the Square of 9 video. This weekly update serves to prove the tools effectiveness in our current trading environment. You will receive an email when the new report is available and any questions on this new report are promptly.

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Summary of the Square of 9 Videos:

The videos come in 2 modules:

Part 1 covers:

  • Price levels, Support and Resistance,
  • future levels to watch for changes of trend
  • calculating the levels manually
  • Using Market Analyst 7 software.
  • Simple, easy step by step instructions on various charts and markets.

Part 2 covers:

  • Time zones for changes
  • Gann’s Seasonal dates incorporating work with Astrology
  • Finding potential reverse dates from past highs and lows
  • The Death Zone and its remarkable effect in turning markets
  • The Ephemeris and how to calculate dates manually
  • Using Market Analyst 7.

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