The Three Gold Keys was a limited release.

I created the Three Gold Keys video to use three trading tools in conjunction. It provided a systematic, automatic method of trading any market. I simply used a Gann trading tool created decades ago. Then married it with some current recent trading tools.  I had created a mechanical system for any market in any time frame. It was only ever intended to be released in limited numbers. To our sheer amazement this set of instructions was oversubscribed on the very first day!

Three Gold Keys sold out

I have been delighted with the response from traders on our Three Gold Keys. Some traders after being in the markets over 10 years have written to us  disposing of their old trading methods. They now focus solely on the Three Gold Keys.

To those traders with Three Gold Keys, we support you with our ongoing weekly updates, our free access to support when required, and will continue to post items and examples of interest in the Members Vault.

It is entirely heartwarming to see that despite a full refund Guarantee, no traders with this material have ever requested a refund. Not one.

In fact, I have never had a complaint, an argument or any hint of dissatisfaction with any of our material or our service. I am simply providing the material I wish I had when I first started trading. Stockmarket Prophets will continue to provide first class service to anyone wanting to become a better trader. Trading is not a gift we are born with. Trading is a process of education and enlightenment. The Three Gold Keys has been overwhelmingly a huge success and congratulations to those owners now doing great business with these simple instructions.

Best wishes to all,

Alan Oliver.


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