Using Trading tools in technical analysis gives educated traders a distinct advantage.Trading tools

For over 20 years I have been researching methods, trading tools, techniques and strategies to improve the results from market trading and speculation.

Inevitably I found a set of rules and strategies that work on all liquid markets and in any time frame. I found that the work of W.D.Gann in combination with natures own code known as The Fibonacci Series produces remarkable opportunities even in volatile, liquid markets.

But it was a long, hard journey and now I have prepared a set of simple, easy to watch, step by step instructions with nothing left out to assist other traders avoid the pitfalls that lay ahead.

These video sets are what I wish I had available to me when I first started trading.

These instructions, combined with a weekly update report and lifetime support at no cost is the best way I can pass on the information I have earned from trial and error over those 20 years of research.

The videos come in separate modules which can be obtained individually if requested.

You can visit each of the sections by clicking the links below:

The Fibonacci Series… otherwise known as the Golden Ratio or the Law of Three

Gann Swing Trading…Gann’s Swing chart is the simplest method to track markets but therein lies its great attribute. Uncomplicated, powerful signals…I call this the King of Charts.

The Square of 9…This tool is fundamental to understanding Gann and his love of esoteric numbers and relationships.Quite remarkable results with uncanny forecasting capabilities and a step towards understanding Gann’s work with Astrology.

The Trading DNA Package…This is the complete set of instructions incorporating all of the above videos plus extra modules. I cover Time factors, Price Factors, Gann Fan angles,Charts patterns including my own Patterns, and much more…all backed up with free lifetime support and weekly reports and updates.
This is the material I wanted when I was learning to trade…

Questions?We provide every assistance to assist your learning curve, and we are dedicated to ensure you succeed in your journey. We will be happy to answer your queries by email within 24 hours or by the next working day. We also provide FREE weekly video reports and updates which will give you more recent, current examples of the tools and techniques contained in the manual. This allows you to see the tools working and reminds you that the opportunities are there for you once you have undertaken your research and created your trading plan.If you should have any questions now, please visit the Contact Us page and we will be delighted to assist.